Leder ny teknik till moralpanik?

Intressant inslag från dagens Gomorron. Samvetsfråga – är du slav under din mobiltelefon??


Följande citat används i klippet:

Douglas Adams, on the Internet and Inventions
1) everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal;

2) anything that gets invented between then and before you turn thirty is incredibly exciting and creative and with any luck you can make a career out of it;

3) anything that gets invented after you’re thirty is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it until it’s been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really.

Source: http://www.douglasadams.com/dna/19990901-00-a.html

Hittat av http://www.evernet.se
Bertil Thunberg


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