E-handeln på internet bär upp 7,7% av Sveriges ekonomi

Kjell Meyer om prylar och internet

Ehandel Sverige

E-handel över internet har vuxit med över 10% årligen enligt Boston Consulting Groups rapport Digital Sweden, skriver Internetstatistik.se. Under 2012 motsvarade handeln 7,7% av den totala svenska ekonomin. En andel lika stor som som omsättningen i turismbranschen. Mer än 70% av svenskarna har handlat on-line.

Från rapporten:

Sweden continues to be among the top performers in BCG’s e-Intensity index; however, all of the other nations in the top 15 are developing more quickly.

  • Growth [i Sverige] has been faster than forecasted by Bcg in 2011, driven by a surge in online consumption from SeK 109 billion in 2009 to SeK 160 billion in 2012, with growth across all major categories of spending.
  • The internet’s share of the economy will continue to significantly outstrip growth in traditional business, expanding by 7.7 percent annually through to 2017.
  • There are signs that key enablers and measurements of business and government engagement are developing more slowly than those of other top-ranked internet economies…

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